Bridgestone Brasil - São Paulo, SP

Company Overview: A história da Bridgestone do Brasil, uma das maiores produtoras de pneus, tem um capítulo de importância vital no Brasil.
De origem norte-americana, a Firestone foi autorizada a iniciar suas operações no Brasil em 1923, com um escritório de negócios em São Paulo. Em 1939 decidiu montar sua primeira fábrica no país, em Santo André, na Grande São Paulo.
Em 1988, a japonesa Bridgestone compra a Firestone. A união das duas empresas pioneiras no segmento resultou em uma forte corporação mundial, hoje a maior fabricante mundial de pneus. No Brasil, nascia a Bridgestone do Brasill Indústria e Comércio Ltda.
Em 2007, a história da empresa ganhou um novo capítulo, com a inauguração de sua segunda fábrica no país. O Pólo Industrial de Camaçari (Bahia) foi o local escolhido para sediar uma das mais modernas fábricas de pneus do mundo, em um terreno de 1 milhão de m2.
De Camaçari saem pneus classificados como "high-performance" e "ultra-high-performance" para equipar as novas gerações de automóveis produzidos no Brasil e veículos esportivos que alcançam altas velocidades e camionetes.
A fábrica de Santo André se concentra na produção de pneus para caminhões, ônibus, veículos industriais, agrícolas e máquinas fora de estrada. Responsibilities: Service Delivery 1.Develop annual resource plan and budget aligned with other Tax COEs and Finance teams, specifically Risk Management and Consulting, project timelines and resource plans. 2.Identify, analyze, and incorporate laws changes into tax accounting and return filing positions. 3.Manage the preparation of the income tax returns consistent with resource plans and budget. 4.Review the income tax returns, including workpapers, to ensure accurate reporting and disclosure, and audit ready workpapers. Ensure the Risk Assessment Matrix appropriately reflects the correct risk profile for each tax adjustment and entity based on current tax law and business activity. 5.Prepare the reconciliation of the tax provisions as recorded to the returns prepared for filing and explain all differences as required by tax policy (book to return). 6.Develop and recommend tax plans to reduce the Corporation’s overall tax burden and optimize cash flow; including opportunities to improve operating profit, increase cash efficiency and /or reduce effective tax rate. 7.Ensure the Brazil tax forecasts (cash and ETR) reflect the best available information for key drivers. 8.Provide responses to audit inquiries and other audit assistance as required. 9.Manage the Brazil income tax operations outsourcing engagement to meet quality and cost objectives.

10.Lead or support projects as required to deliver tax or business objectives.

Strategy Alignment and Business Partnerships 1.Establish the vision, set the strategic direction, and empower the LA South tax team to meet their objectives. 2.Establish the strategy, set objectives, and implement tax operations technologies to enable efficient, controlled service delivery in support of Tax Accounting and Compliance, Risk Management, and Consulting.

3.Align objectives and partner with SSC, IT, Treasury, and all other Tax COEs.

Develop Talent 1.Attract, develop, and retain a strong team to meet current needs and ensure effective succession planning to meet future needs. 2.Proved mentoring, coaching, and development opportunities to teammates to strengthen their technical and professional skills. 3.Seek individual professional development opportunities and strive to achieve the highest degree of competency. Qualifications: 1.Min. 7 years of corporate tax knowledge, including experience managing regional tax operations in a multinational corporation 2.General knowledge of IFRS and the related tax accounting principles 3.1-2 years of Transfer Pricing experience 4.Experience leading a team 3.Bachelor degree in Accounting required 4. Post-graduation in Tax management, preferably 5. Fluent English
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